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Peggy   Conn   Burley's   Family   History

Hi! I am currently researching my family's genealogy. The main names that I am researching are CONN, HARVISON, MCEVOY and LIZOTTE.

I just received some really great information on my CONN line. A distant cousin, a number of years back, did some research on my CONNs. I got my hands on her findings through another relative. This is the story that I got from that research... ...Apparently, Reverend Richard Alexander CONN and his brother John CONN left Ireland for England. They went from England to South Carolina to Choctaw County, Alabama to Long Beach, Mississippi. They were among the earliest settlers of Long Beach...

...I do not know the sources she used for her research...she is now in her 90s and her memory comes and goes. I do know that anything from William Alexander "Sandy" CONN to the present is basically correct. I have a lot of questions about anything before "Sandy" though.

One branch of this line of Conns moved on to Hattiesburg. This is the line that I am descended from, so it is the one that I know the most about. To find out more about this branch of CONNs or about Hattiesburg, scroll to the links at the bottom of the page.

I have a lot of other surnames in my tree too, so if you came here looking for Mississippi, South Carolina, or Alabama surnames, you came to the right place. Most of the names in my CONN or HARVISON lines are from Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama. 104 southern surnames can be found in the fully-linked INDEX.

I am currently awaiting extensive info on my HARVISON line. As soon as I receive it, I will post it here.

McEVOY and LIZOTTE are my maternal surnames. My Grandparents names were Armenia Georgiana Agnes LIZOTTE and William Joseph Patrick McEVOY. My Great Grandmother's maiden name was LaVIOLETTE and she was from France. Thomas Francis MCEVOY, my Great Grandfather, came from somewhere in Ireland. Alfred LIZOTTE was a Canadian Lumberjack and didn't speak a word of English. He worked along the Erie Canal wherever a new village or outpost was started.

All of the names in my McEVOY/LIZOTTE line can be found in this INDEX.

The majority of the info you will find on my Web Pages has been derived from living relatives. I have not yet done the research to confirm dates and so forth.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for all links.

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Links to More of My CONN / HARVISON Trees

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Links To My MCEVOY / LIZOTTE Trees

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Complete List Of All Names In My LIZOTTE Line: so far.
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Outline Descendant Report For Alfred LIZOTTE:
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Peggy Conn Burley

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