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Lollipop Came Home!

Here she is...our new Great Dane, Lollipop...straight out of rescue. She is a Blue Merle. Lolli is a bit on the small side because her former owner bred her from day one...that stunted her growth. She weighs in at only 109. We just got her today and we have fallen in love with her. Our other dog, Lulu, is very happy to have a friend. Lulu is a German Shepherd/Bassett Hound mix. Surprisingly, Lulu is showing the dominance between the two...that may change in a few days though. I tried to get some pix of the two dogs together so you can see the size difference. Personally, I am partial to floppy eared danes but I have noticed a lot of Scooby Doo similarities with Lolli's cropped ears...I like that. She is a very loving dane and is constantly tucking her head down into our laps and leaning on us. It is very nice to have a big dog again.